More confirmed speakers and panels

Hello all!

More speakers have been confirmed:

  • Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Rudy Rucker
  • Scott Crow: co-founder of Common Ground in New Orleans, author of Black Flags and Windmills. 
  • Peter Linebaugh: legendary social historian, co-author of The Many Headed Hydra, author of London Hanged and The Magna Carta Manifesto.
  • Sasha Lilley
  • Selma James: author of Sex, Race, and Class.
  • George Katsiaficas: author of numerous books including Imagination Of The New Left, and Asia’s Unknown Uprisings.
  • Alexander Akin
  • Iain Boal: editor of numerous books, most recently, West Of Eden.
  • Kenneth Wishnia:  author of numerous crime/mystery novels

…and a growing list of panels:

  • ‘Surrealism, Art And Anarchy’: with Penelope Rosemont, Ron Sakolsky and V. Vale.
  • ‘Occupy the Future! SF writers on radical visions of tomorrow’:  with Kim Stanley Robinson, Rudy Rucker, and Terry Bisson.
  • ‘Love And Struggle: David Gilbert, SDS, Weather Underground, and beyond’:  with Terry Bisson, Claude Marks and other ex- Weather folk.
  • ‘On The Ground: The 60’s Underground Press’:  with Trina Robbins, Judy Gumbo Albert, Terry Bisson, Jay Kinney.
  • ‘Rad Dad’ – with editors Tomas Monis, Jeremy Smith and contributors.
  • ‘West Of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California’: with editors and contributors Iain Boal, Cal Winslow, Janferie Stone and Jeff Lustig.
  • ‘Terrorism, Dissent, and Repression’: with Scott Crow, Claude Marks and others.
  • ‘Global Connections, Universal Intuition and Social Movements’:  George Katsiaficas, Andrej Grubacic, Barbara Epstein.