New Venue for 2013: The Armory Community Center

For the first time, the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair will be held at The Armory Community Center in San Francisco’s Mission District. The vendor area will be in the TACC’s indoor drill court, pictured here. The drill court will be undergoing improvements and upgrades at the end of 2012.

Over the years, working with Golden Gate Park’s Hall of Flowers has become prohibitively expensive. Combined with increased restrictions on bike parking, outdoor selling, and requirements for security as well as the changing nature of the park and the neighborhood, the Book Fair committee felt that it was important to investigate alternatives.

The Armory Community Center was chosen because of the few San Francisco Bay Area venues that have the capacity for such a large event (including a separate room for speakers), it is the most affordable. This reduced cost will mean a significant reduction in the cost of table rentals for vendors. We believe that this savings is enough of a benefit to the community to warrant a venue change.

Although parking might be a bit more difficult and there’s no Golden Gate Park to lounge around in, the accessibility to BART and the cost savings make The Armory Community Center a great choice for the Book Fair.

If you have questions about the new venue, please email us at

See you in March 2013!