The 19th Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

The 19th Bay Area Anarchist Fair – March 22, 2014

Anarchist Book Fair 2014 V3The 2014 Anarchist Fair will be the weekend of March 22, 2014.

The traditional focus of the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair has been to highlight the many authors and speakers in our community who have published new work in the preceding year, in a way that is accessible to the broader public as well as to the diverse anarchist community.

With this history in mind, a new group has come together to move the Book Fair in a new direction. Specifically, we will be:

  • Returning the Book Fair itself to a one-day event (Saturday).
  • Putting out a Call for Proposals and hosting workshops and panels instead of speakers.
  • Coordinating (and encouraging others to coordinate) evening programming at different venues throughout the Bay Area for the Wednesday through Sunday of the book fair week.
  • Actively promoting all events (whether organized by us or others) during this week, so that those attending the book fair will be able to easily access a schedule of events.

Both the evening events and Book Fair programming will include a series of in-depth plenaries and debates dealing with the tough issues that challenge (and divide) our communities. For more information on these changes, please go here.

The Venue

We have confirmed The Crucible in West Oakland to host the 2014 Anarchist Book Fair. The Crucible is a non-profit arts organization that was founded in 1999 and moved to West Oakland in 2003.

The Crucible is located at 1260 7th Street, just two blocks from the West Oakland BART station, making it easily accessible from all over the Bay Area.  It is also relatively close by bike, bus/BART, or car to other Oakland venues such as the Holdout and Public School, making it possible for concurrent or coordinated events at other venues.

For more on The Crucible and our decision making process, please go here.


Vendor applications are available here, and are due by December 31. Space is limited.

Workshops and Panels

Session proposal information is here. Proposals are due by December 15 and confirmations will be sent before January 15.

Contact Us

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In struggle,

The 2014 Book Fair Committee

Jen A, Matt L, Megan O, Mike E